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my new obsession: sewing

HEY HEY HEY!!!  I’ve been gone way way way too long but I was hit with some inspo and needed to post about my new obsession.

My new hobby has inspired me to write about it and hopefully it will encourage others to jump on the sewing train or just try something new.  This pandemic has us in a groundhog day every day and trying something new can really help with just feeling good, having more energy and being happier.  If you want to start knitting then I think this post will be really helpful.

Closet Core’s learn to sew clothing was amazing!  Heather Lou is a great instructor and the course is set up in such a way that you’re starting to sew pretty much from the get go.

This is an online course that has videos that you can watch whenever you want and rewatch as many times as you want.  It also has a comments section so you can ask any questions and Heather always gets back to you with her feedback.  The course also includes three Close Core Patterns that teach you some of the basics but they are also great patterns that you’ll keep using throughout your sewing journey.

The initial “chapters” are about getting started and getting acquainted with your sewing machine and sewing tools.  The course also teaches you to interpret sewing patterns and teaches you the basic sewing skills including various seam finishes, adding a zipper, buttonholes, hemming, sewing darts and lots of other techniques.

The Closet Core pdf patterns included in the course are worth 48$ alone so the course is an incredible value.  This post isn’t sponsored and I’m not affiliated with Closet Core Patterns but I just wanted to let anyone starting out know how helpful the course was and that I continue to use it as a resource now.  The course also has some great downloadable resources that are really helpful to a beginner sewist.

I dove in head first and I’ve sewn quite a few things since November.  I’ve only used indie patterns which are known for having very clear instructions which has made my sewing super gratifying because my projects come together nicely (no tears shed yet) and have turned out amazingly well for a newbie.  

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve sewn so far and some pics to go along with it. 
Pietra pants by Closet Core Patterns

Cielo top by Closet Core Patterns

Cielo Top – My first make!!!

Irma dress by IAM patterns

My Irma Dress – One of my favourite makes!

Rya coat by Fibremood

My Rya Coat – I always wanted a buffalo plaid jacket

Suki Robe by Helen’s Closet

Suki Robe – I made three different ones as Christmas presents

Hudson joggers by True Bias

Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Core Patterns

My Carolyn Pajamas – the cutest PJs ever!!!

Marlo Sweater by True Bias

This is my Marlo sweater and I’m wearing it non-stop!

I’d love to hear if you’ve started anything new or learnt a new skill.  Also let me know if you’d like reviews of the patterns I’ve made so far and if this would be helpful.  I also post my makes on Instagram so stop by to check out everything I’m making.

spring loves

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I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I’ve been pretty busy and travelling and just haven’t had a lot of time to post but as I sit here working on this post I remember how much I like doing this. I really hope that I don’t disappear for so long again cause I need this creative outlet and I totally enjoy the blogging process. I was in Ottawa for a couple of weeks and had a FABULOUS time at home just hanging with family and friends. It had been way too long and that won’t be happening again any time soon either.

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beauty bliss faves

I think it’s time for a few beauty recommendations that I’ve been loving over the last few months.  I’m hoping to make this beauty bliss faves a regular occurrence here on the blog and I’d love to hear your input as well. The stuff I’ve listed here are things that I actually use and swear by. I’m a bit of a beauty junkie and I love buying makeup, creams, potions, and anything that claims it’s miraculous and will help me look more like Gisele Bündchen!  Continue reading

fall style inspiration

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I’ve been scouring tons of magazines and taking in all the fall/winter trends.  I love doing this because I enjoy knowing what’s coming up for the new season however it can be very dangerous cause it makes me want to go to the stores and shop, shop, shop which translates to spend, spend, spend!  I LOVE what I’m seeing for fall and winter!  The trends are quite wearable and easy to turn into real people clothes, plus we won’t be freezing and comfort reigns thanks to the chunky knits, sporty touches, a little tartan, and the menswear inspired looks.  There are obviously way more trends but these are my favourites.  Here are a few looks that have my particular spin on them.  P.S. I need these in my closet ASAP! (M I hope you’re reading this 😉 ) Continue reading

diy: blue LOVE clutch

This  DIY blue LOVE clutch was inspired by a We Are Knitters (WAK) pattern they were handing out at the Beefeater London Market in Madrid this spring. The pattern was for a mega clutch in WAK’s fabric yarn. The pattern was cool but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted however it did inspire me to make my own clutch. This is my first DIY project on LLK and what started out as just a quick knit turned into something more elaborate but the end result was totally worth it.   I don’t know why I have a tendency to overdo it, well actually I do, it’s called perfectionism (my number one frenemy). Continue reading

summer Buys

 Summer Love Palm Tree photo

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I love to shop however I don’t do it very often because it could be very dangerous to my wallet!  I’m actually pretty restrained; I’ve figured out that if I don’t go into a store then I’m safe.  I just can’t go into a store because then I’ll definitely buy something.  I’m also not someone who likes to just look for the sake of looking.  I like to shop which means I like to buy and spend my money so it’s easier for me not to go into stores because unless something’s caught my eye, I’ll just keep on walking.

I don’t do a lot of online shopping because I don’t know how I could buy clothes without trying them on first however I do buy things for the house, kitchen, and shoes, oh so many shoes online.   Online shopping is dangerous, very dangerous, because it’s just so easy to click and it’s done!!!  Here are few things I’ve picked up for the summer that I thought I’d share with you.  Continue reading