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diy: handmade christmas gift guide

It’s that time of year again when we try to find the perfect gift for our loved ones and some times we drive ourselves a little crazy in the process (or at least I do). There’s nothing quite like receiving a handmade gift that was made especially for you. Handmade gifts may seem a little old school but I know those who receive them really appreciate them and they’re always a little more memorable. Continue reading

Crossfit and Yoga

Those are two words you don’t normally see next to each other or in the same sentence but they are both very present in my weekly routine. I kind of have to back up a bit because you have to understand that I was never the athletic, sporty type. I went to gym class in high school because I didn’t have a choice and I would participate but lets just say that enjoyment wasn’t exactly a part of it. I wasn’t the suckiest in gym but I definitely wasn’t great either. We had to do cross-country skiing in junior high gym (only in Canada) and needless to say I hated cross-country. These gym classes were always a mission and a half because it took us half the class just to get equipped and then the other half I spent it at the back of the pack just trying to figure out how to “ski” (my Portuguese roots were really obvious in the winter sports category). Anyways, I still laugh every time I get the image of me trying to cross-country ski and I can just hear the constant complaining to the gym teacher about how this was the worst thing ever. Continue reading

weekly meal prep

Weekly meal prep started to happen on my quest to live a healthier lifestyle. What is weekly meal prep? Well, it’s part of my Sunday morning in the kitchen making sure I have healthy stuff to eat for the coming week. I’m not organized enough or have enough energy to make amazing food for lunch and dinner every night during the week. Between commuting, work, running errands, working out and all the other day to day stuff, well, let’s just say I don’t have a lot of time to be making food for lunch much less wasting time thinking about what I’m going to make.   Continue reading

knit, knit, knit

If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE to knit and I even mentioned it in my first post.  I know it’s weird because usually knitting is associated with a senior citizen knitting ugly Christmas sweaters for her grandkids.  Obviously senior citizens knit but so do a lot of younger people and some beautiful things are created.  Knitting is a fantastic creative outlet and it’s portable! Continue reading

Valencia, Spain

As mentioned in a previous post, I spent some time in Valencia on holiday. I’m not the typical tourist that wants to see every museum, monument, or tourist attraction where I visit. I’m actually the opposite: I pick a few places that I must see and the rest of the time it’s about walking around and relaxing. My holidays are usually planned around food and drink (it must be my Western European roots) and everything else we fit in between the meals, snacks, and impromptu stuff your face sessions that we excel at.

I think Valencia is a great weekend getaway especially if you’re from Madrid because you can get there in an hour and a half on the AVE (the Spanish high velocity train). Here’s what I enjoyed while in Valencia: Continue reading

Alqueria del Pou Restaurant (Valencia)

We’re in Valencia right now enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. This wasn’t our original summer vacation plan but some unexpected last minute changes made us readjust and we’re making the best of it. This is my first time in Valencia in way too many years and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to say the least. I’ll write a separate post about stuff we’ve done in Valencia however this restaurant deserves a whole post to itself; it was that good! Continue reading