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chocolate caramel tart

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks but I was in vacation mode and I really wasn’t very inspired with blog ideas and I wasn’t in the kitchen that much but I’m BACK!  This chocolate caramel tart is amazing and the perfect dessert for a special occasion because it’s very sophisticated but between you and me, it’s pretty simple to make.  It does have a few steps but they’re easy and it comes together easily so I definitely think it’s worth a try. Continue reading

snickers cupcakes

It was my birthday this week and I always make cupcakes so that I can blow out my birthday candles and make my wish (my wish is the most important part and a birthday tradition I can’t miss out on).  Of course our small family of two isn’t going to eat  two dozen cupcakes even though we totally could but we’d die of the remorse we’d feel and of the sugar overdose we’d get in the process so I always take cupcakes to work for my colleagues to enjoy. Continue reading

the best chocolate cake ever

[Photo Credit – Gelatina de Plata]

It was M’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and I don’t believe any birthday is complete without the birthday cake, candle blowing, make a wish ritual so that meant he had to pick a cake. M requested the birthday cake I’d made for our nephew, Little M, a few months ago (minus the Mickey Mouse theme). When I was deciding on our nephew’s cake, I searched high and low online for a great chocolate cake recipe and I settled on this one from The Faux Martha. I’m not sure why, cause I hadn’t ever been to her blog before but I just loved everything I saw and for some reason I totally believed her when she said this was the best chocolate cake recipe. Continue reading