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Crossfit and Yoga

Those are two words you don’t normally see next to each other or in the same sentence but they are both very present in my weekly routine. I kind of have to back up a bit because you have to understand that I was never the athletic, sporty type. I went to gym class in high school because I didn’t have a choice and I would participate but lets just say that enjoyment wasn’t exactly a part of it. I wasn’t the suckiest in gym but I definitely wasn’t great either. We had to do cross-country skiing in junior high gym (only in Canada) and needless to say I hated cross-country. These gym classes were always a mission and a half because it took us half the class just to get equipped and then the other half I spent it at the back of the pack just trying to figure out how to “ski” (my Portuguese roots were really obvious in the winter sports category). Anyways, I still laugh every time I get the image of me trying to cross-country ski and I can just hear the constant complaining to the gym teacher about how this was the worst thing ever. Continue reading