The Fault In Our Stars

I already mentioned The Fault In Our Stars here and I didn’t think I could love it anymore but I do!!! Why? Cause I saw the movie and the movie made me fall in love with the story all over again and it reminded me just how lucky I am.

Books are always way better than the movies and this still stands true but the amazing part about this movie is that it does total justice to the book. Do you know what I mean?

I usually always read the book before watching the movie and normally one of two things happens: a) I’ll leave the theatre totally hating the movie cause it just messed up the whole book or b) I’ll enjoy it cause they did good by the book. Doing good by the book for me is just being true to the book and not going off and being stupid about stuff. If a book is awesome then they shouldn’t go and re-write the whole thing; why make it into a movie then? If the movie isn’t like the book than it’s not the book so you can’t use the title of the book, right? Am I crazy? Honestly I think Hollywood sometimes just royally messes up really good things.

Thankfully they so didn’t &%$” this one up because it would have been a major travesty. If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie, I’d totally read the book first cause you just have to. As soon as you’re done the book, take it all in, savour it, and try to stop blubber crying because you have to go to the movies to watch it in colour (and ugly cry again but it’ll totally be worth it).

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The book is still better because it goes into more detail and you can live in the book (if that makes any sense) but this movie, OMG, this movie just confirmed my imagination, my picture, my idea of the book. They couldn’t have picked better actors to play every single part; they totally NAILED IT! That’s almost impossible to do and they really did it. Of course I’m no movie critic (I love rom coms and high school prom movies) but this one is definitely AMAZING. They even got the soundtrack right and since I’m a marketer’s dream, what did I do once I got home from the movies? I bought the title track by Ed Sheeran (of course) and proceeded to listen to it on repeat more times then I care to admit!

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I’m a total cheese ball and I don’t care cause I still smile every time I hear the song, which makes me think of the story, which makes me smile even more and, well, that’s enough for me.


  1. Cristina says:

    What a great post! I’m usually not one that reads the book and watches the movie. I so prefer the book, but you’ve inspired me to get myself to the movies this week. Thanks! And thanks for sharing some of the book’s awesome quotes.

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