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I love to shop however I don’t do it very often because it could be very dangerous to my wallet!  I’m actually pretty restrained; I’ve figured out that if I don’t go into a store then I’m safe.  I just can’t go into a store because then I’ll definitely buy something.  I’m also not someone who likes to just look for the sake of looking.  I like to shop which means I like to buy and spend my money so it’s easier for me not to go into stores because unless something’s caught my eye, I’ll just keep on walking.

I don’t do a lot of online shopping because I don’t know how I could buy clothes without trying them on first however I do buy things for the house, kitchen, and shoes, oh so many shoes online.   Online shopping is dangerous, very dangerous, because it’s just so easy to click and it’s done!!!  Here are few things I’ve picked up for the summer that I thought I’d share with you. 

Here are the shoes I’ve picked up so far for the summer.  I’ve definitely gone overboard and I’m probably not done yet.  I suffer from big foot syndrome which not only means the obvious (huge canoes for feet) but that if I find a shoe that I like and it fits, I have to buy it cause that’s not an easy feat with a size 42 in Europe!

UGG D’Alessio Sandals in black: Very wearable and comfortable.  The only problem is I haven’t figured out how to drive a stick shift with platforms therefore I always have a pair of flats in my car.

UGG Jackilyn Sandals in ink (blue):  These were just love at first sight and a total impulse buy because these are pretty high platforms (especially when you’re already 5’10” ½) but I loved them.  M hates them and he makes sure to tell me any time he sees them so I only where them when I’m out and about on my own.

 Vince Camuto Adrelin sandals (mine are in black patent leather):  These are awesome because you can literally wear them with everything!  You can dress them up or down and they are very comfortable and much to my husband’s delight: completely flat!

J. Crew Callie sandal in vintage sandstone:  These are also ultra-wearable and the nude shade I have is perfect.  I know I sound like a broken record but these really do go with everything!

Converse Chuck Taylor Classic in white:  These are a must have in every wardrobe because they up the cute factor on most casual outfits.  The only bad thing about these shoes is keeping them clean.  I love white sneakers except for when they start to get dirty cause then they just look nasty!

Acqua di Gioia Armani eau de parfum:  I actually didn’t buy this because it was a Christmas gift from M.  It’s a great summer scent, very light.  It just smells, fresh, clean, with a touch of ocean breeze!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Powder Pink:  This stuff is the S%&!!!  I saw this gorgeous coral colour that I loved but it just wasn’t right for my complexion however being the make-up lover and ideal customer that I am, I let the sales girl try another shade on me and I was SOLD!  I mostly use it as a blush (but it looks great on my lips as well, it’s the ideal nude without being that pasty beige which makes me look like a corpse) and you use so little that I think this is going to last me forever.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream:  I’ve been using this stuff for years on my cuticles and lips at night before going to bed but I use it in the summer on my feet to keep them nice and soft especially after using the Micro Pedi (see below).

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour intensive moisturizing body treatment:  I’ve been stalking this body cream for ages now but I just couldn’t justify the price.  I’d never used it but I love all the other 8 hour products (I use the lip balm, the cream, and the hand cream) so I figured it would be a no brainer.  Lucky for me it was on sale at the Ibiza airport so I snagged a tub and LOVE it!  You use very, very little because it’s like the Body Shop body butters but better.  It gets absorbed really quickly and lasts a long time.

Micro Pedi by Emjoi:  I’d heard about this last year but I held off until I pictured someone looking at the soles of my feet in yoga class.  Madrid is super dry and I wear sandals half the year so needless to say my feet suffer.  This is going to be a great tool to use in between pedicures and it leaves my feet silky soft especially after slathering on the 8 hour cream I mentioned earlier.

Elancyl Cellu Slim Intensive Night:  I was on the fence about mentioning this on here cause cellulite is pretty personal however this stuff works well and fast so I knew I would be doing my fellow ladies a huge disservice by not sharing.   

Essie Demure Vix and Lilacism :  I love nail polish even though I hate doing my own nails.  I love how they look after I’m done but I hate the process especially the one hour drying time (I don’t care what anyone says, even with my awesome Seche Vite Top Coat, you still have to wait an hour before you can actually do anything useful with your hands)!!!  Am I the only person who can’t just buy one nail polish at a time?  I was on a mission to buy Lilacism after seeing it in a magazine but of course I saw Demure Vix next to it and I just couldn’t say no.  The Lilacism is cute but the Demure Vix is the bomb!  It’s the perfect neutral shade without being beigey and it looks better on than in the bottle.  You must go to your nearest store now and try it on because you will thank me afterwards!

Miranda Lambert’s Platinum album: OMG love this and it’s the perfect summer music to crank while I’m in the kitchen!

I’m sure I’ll be making more summer purchases soon (maxi dresses, sunscreen, bikinis, and who knows what else) so there’ll probably be another post before the summer is out.  Have you guys found any great summer must haves?  Please share cause you know I need an excuse to visit Sephora;-)

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Please note that this post is not sponsored.  I bought all of this stuff myself and I talk about them because I feel like it!



  1. Estherzuqui says:

    My summer vacation is just around the corner…. and with this post all I want to do is hit the beach! I can already smell the sun tan lotion!
    I have fallen in love with the blue UGG sandals (and since I am way way shorter than you, they might just be my perfect match). Please do keep us posted on your new summer must haves!

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